Dr. Lily Lai 


Naturopathic Physician, ANMC

Naturopathic Doctor, ANMC

Senior Academician of the Greater Bay Area

Fellow Member of the Baptist University Foundation

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Health and Wealth Creation Columnist

Nursing Home Nutrition Consultant

Secretary General of Guangxi Guigang Municipal Cooperative Township Association, Vice Chairman of Women's Federation

Director of the Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Commerce

Member of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

Life member of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Economic and Trade Promotion Association

  • Successfully completed the study of NK Stimu efa inhibiting GRP78 glucose protein activity on acute pneumonia (Gram-negative bacteria)
  • D’pa Build obtained patents in Hong Kong and Taiwan: oral drugs – neurodegenerative diseases, diabetic nephropathy

Senior Academician of the Greater Bay Area

  • Anti-DPPH efa obtained EU and Chinese patents: Oral drugs - hepatitis B, acute hepatitis, arterial infarction, alcoholic liver disease
  • Bri-Sol anti-aging moisten successfully completed the human vision test and improved conjunctivitis, intraocular pressure, floaters and dry eyes
  • Successfully completed D’Pa Build diabetic glomerular eGFR mouse study and testing on five diabetic dialysis patients
  • Successfully completed the study on the effect of Calmtitine & D’pa Build in inhibiting epilepsy in mice
  • Successfully completed the second phase of biological research on Cytophoxin inhibiting liver cancer cell metastasis
  • An article on the effects of Anti-DPPH efa on acute hepatitis was published in the Hunan Academic Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Successfully completed the third phase of D’Pa Build’s anti-oxidative protection study on neurons
  • Went to Zurich, Switzerland to gain a deeper understanding of Flawill’s cutting-edge microcapsule and nanotechnology.
  • The third phase of Anti-DPPH efa and Cytophoxin liver cytochrome CYP450, Capases-3, MMP-3 testing was successfully completed.

Awarded as a member of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation

  • The second phase of the study on the pathological effects of Anti-DPPH efa on mice with damaged alcoholic liver, fatty liver and hepatitis
  • Pioneering the first phase of research on Anti-DPPH efa formula on hepatitis mice
  • Successfully cooperated with Baptist University to obtain government innovation and technology funds (Project Ref No.-UIM/203)
  • Clinically tested formula Colli-G and sold in Hong Kong’s famous chain stores

Naturopathic Physician, American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board


Certificate in Pet Health and Preventive Medicine The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • D’pa Build tests genetically modified Panama fish for brain neurotransmitter dopamine precursor
  • Visited Dr. Zuberi, Department of Clinical Public Health, Rwanda, Africa.
  • Successfully completed the clinical and biological tests of "Teenera" from Baptist University
  • Founded CELLUTION Company and won the 15th place in the Hong Kong Rising Star Brand Competition (300 brands)
  • Herbal medicine tested against cancer cell lines:-HepG2, SGC-7901, CNE 1, SW480, MCF-7

Naturopathic Doctor, American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board

China National Health Industry Practicing Nutritionist

  • Exclusive Aromatherapy Massage Provider, Hong Kong Jockey Club (Sha Tin Club and Beas River Club)

Bowen Therapy Certificate International School of Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapist Federation of Australia

Diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy, Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy Ltd.

  • Exclusive Aromatherapy Massage Provider, Hong Kong Jockey Club (Sha Tin Club and Beas River Club)